‘Man’ was created with the potential to be God-like – with the ability to create and shape his environment, which includes his life, as he desires. This tremendous potential power that each of us has lies dormant for most people due to the lack of awareness of how to use it. Every decision or action we have taken is influenced by our realities formed within our subconscious mind which is programmed first by other people’s ideas and decisions, then reinforced (mostly by our negative thinking) by us. The good news is that we have the ability and can learn how to reprogram our subconscious mind to use your full potential power.

Among the many things I learned while researching the mind, this was the most thought-provoking to me; That the conscious mind almost never function independently, cannot function independent, but depends upon information from the subconscious mind to form thoughts and ideas. What this means is, we are not always in control of our thoughts as we think we are. Our thoughts – questions, beliefs, and biases, are not of our own making but were derived in our subconscious mind, which is programmed from information received from the first seven years of our lives, and continues to present by society’s institutions such as schools, religious organizations, and the media.

What is even more thought-provoking, is that the desire or mindset of a good work ethic, high achievement, striving for excellence, acquiring wealth or riches, are all programmed mindset. The same can be said for a poverty mindset; this explains why it so difficult for the economically underprivileged to break through the economic barrier to the upper class of societies, despite the vast amount of opportunities available to them.

Each person’s subconscious mind is programmed, starting from the first seven years of life. Sadly, most of the programmed messages disseminated to the populace are negative and disempowering. These messages were, “and still are deliberately implanted by those in authority with the intent to limit our power as a form of control. This negative programming is then perpetuated through generations of unsuspecting families, who unwittingly pass them on to their children. As a result of this knowledge, I now believe that every person should undergo some form of mind reprogramming if they want to take control of their lives.


  Forgiveness and Reconciliation   –            “Resentment is blockade No. 1 to spiritual power.”

 The process of forgiveness and restoration is easier when the parties involve are familiar with the following elements: Psychological Conditions, Modern Spirituality, Emotional States, and Higher Consciousness. Also, if they understand the correlation between the perpetrator’s state of consciousness at the time of the attack, and the victim’s response.

 Forgiveness does not absolve the perpetrator, but it helps to keep anger, hatred and bitterness from corroding the soul. There are two types of forgiveness to consider.

 The first type of forgiveness is to ask others to pardon you for what you have done to cause them hurt/harm. You do this by acknowledging the pain that they feel, (whether you inflicted all of the pain or not their emotional response is their reality) then express sorrow for your actions. Allow the aggrieved party to process your request for forgiveness and give them as much time as they need to rebuild the trust that was broken. Let your consistent positive behavior over a period time win back the broken trust, but until then expect a new normal in that relationship. You need to understand, you can do all that is right to repair a broken relationship, but you cannot determine how a person would or should react to your action.

 The second type of forgiveness is the one you give yourself, and this can be divided into two parts.

 *  Part one is to free yourself from any guilt you may be carrying for the wrong you have done to others.

 *  Part two, is to free yourself from the negative emotions, associated with the harmful things, others have done to you. You have to accept that you did not cause or  encourage harm upon yourself. Regardless of your actions, people are responsible for their actions toward you. 

4.   Control your thoughts and control your world. Your belief which is influenced by your subconscious mind is your reality, which you make manifest by your behavior. 

‘What you don’t know can kill you.’ ‘You are what you think.’ If you keep thinking/dwelling on negative thoughts, you are gradually poisoning/killing yourself. Death can be defined in two ways; ‘Physical Death’ – cessation of all vital functions of the body including the heartbeat and brain activities; or ‘Mental Death,’ where the physical body is alive, but the level of consciousness as an expression of living a full life is dead. When Mentally Dead, your life is controlled by the programming of outside influence that robs you of your power to design the life you desire. In this state, you live a marginal lifestyle in continual survival mode, without a sense of direction, purpose or fulfillment, without experiencing the joy of freedom of thought and real love, never maximizing your full potential. However, in spite of your past, your future does not have to be a life sentence, you can learn how to reprogram your mind and change the direction and quality of your life.

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